Application areas

Application areas: dadi colorati con varie icone

To broadly identify what we could do for you, no matter what your operation domain is, please refer to the following synthetic table, and find the conjunction of your business role and the activities that you would like to take profit of our technologies/solutions, Of course we are always available to provide any further information you may need.


   Your business
Your activity Component manufacturer Plant/package supplier System integrator Engineering, procurement, construction Plant/process owner (end user)
Feasibility studies
Component engineering        
Component integration    
System engineering  
Control design/assessment      
Plant operation optimization        
Personnel training      
Research & development          


Our solutions

Component-level modelling and simulation studies: CFD, FEM,...

System-level modelling and simulation studies: multi-domain problems, dynamic system behaviour,...

Simulation model libraries: components, subsystems,..

Turnkey simulators: machines, packages, plants, …

Control models: classical and advanced controls, including e.g. model predictive solutions, single- and multi-variable systems, autotuning, and so on.

Control synthesis and optimization studies: problem analysis, solution identification, verification and simulation-based assessment, parameter tuning, …

Component engineering follow-up

System engineering follow-up

Control engineering follow-up