Bringing dynamic modelling and simulation into the value chain means better process insight and improved margins.

Dynamica at a glance

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Dynamica is a hi-tech company committed to bringing the newest generations of dynamic modelling, simulation and control technologies to be value for all customers, no matter the size of their business.

Dynamica offers solutions, services and training/consulting to exploit those technologies toward an optimal engineering, operation and management of the customer process or product.

Dynamica targets several application domains, including for example

  • power generation and management,
  • process industry,
  • manufacturing,
  • robotics and mechatronics,
  • vehicles

Dynamica takes specific care to provide solutions that integrate seamlessly in the customer's workflow, by relying on a strong competitive edge in object-oriented, multi-physics, scalable-detail modelling.

The Dynamica team puts together decades of experience in both research and industrial applications, plus strong connections to a vast competence network.

If you want to rapidly figure out how Dynamica can help you enhance the profitability of your business, look at Application areas (Breakdown by business item), and then follow the link to your one.