An effective control system can radically change the value of any product and business, be that control system the small embedded one running in the micro of a household appliance, or the plant-wide one deployed onto the distributed and heterogeneous architecture of a huge industrial installation. Control can make a plant (or a device) operate always at the optimum in the presence of varying conditions and requirements, obtain a uniform behaviour from devices produced in series while allowing to relax component tolerances and thus manufacturing cost, endow any system with functionalities tailored to the desired user experience for the best product success, and much more.

In our vision, control is a very important part of any project, and must be treated in a unitary modelling framework, accessible to all the stakeholders. In addition, dealing with this particular subject requires:

  • top-notch methodological and engineering competences;
  • ability to design and assess strategies;
  • tools capable of testing the control system at any level;
  • compliance to industrial standards, like e.g. the IEC ones;
  • capability of specifying a strategy for deployment on any architecture, and to choose the best one for the application at hand.

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