Modelling & Simulation


Our modelling and simulation technologies cover both the component and the system level.

Concerning component modelling and simulation, we employ state-of-the-art tools for CFD, FEM, and so forth.

As for system modelling and simulation we conversely rely on equation-based, object-oriented (EOOLT) methods, having the Modelica language as the one of election.

Our system-level approach is completely domain-indipendent, so that it is possible to seamlessly combine models covering different engineering domains (mechanical, thermal, thermo-hydraulic, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, control) within the same framework, i.e. with a single software tool. This can be vital for innovative applications, such as studying integrated plants (that combine very different sub-systems) or developing sophisticated components.

Plus our technology exploits efficient numerical solvers, both fixed- and variable-step, and is naturally keen to distributed simulation, Hardware In the Loop (HIL), Software In the Loop (SIL) and RCP applications (Rapid Control Prototyping). 

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