Modelling & Simulation


From the smallest device to the largest plant, any object is composed of heterogeneous parts, that need coordinating toward its business success. In such a context, decisions need to be taking faster and faster as the market demands, and with good confidence that they will not have unanticipated negative effects during the project lifetime. At the same time, rapid and effective reactions to modifications in the external environment, or the business scenario, are of paramount importance for investment protection.

In our vision, modelling and simulation provide a shared domain for all the stakeholders to take and share decisions at any stage of a project's lifetime. This requires innovative tools, capable of unitary handling:

  • multi-domain problems (mechanical, hydraulic, thermodynamical, electrical and so on) since critical decisions often involve them;
  • scalable-detail models, to adapt the degree of details (i.e. of complexity) of the solution to the knowledge of the problem at any stage of the project;
  • modular models, for re-use and adaptation along the project's life;
  • fully customisable components, to respond precisely to the customer's needs;
  • synthetic control descriptions to assess a strategy, and also code replica ones to test its realisation.

This is what we offer. Please visit Technologies for details.