Business model

Dynamica is strongly committed to maximising the customer's return on investment by always offering the best mix of turnkey solutions and technology/methodology transfer, also adapting said mix over time as the customer needs and business change. We can also offer solutions with different levels of integration into the customer's engineering and production architecture, either platform-independent or built on specific open/commercial environments.

In synthesis, our business model can be summarised by the following points.

  • Turnkey solutions
    Complete, ready-to-use applications. This solutions allow our customer to obtain the answer to its problem minimizing the time-costs and with a wide degree of flexibility. Solutions provided can be interoperable with customer systems (e.g. control development system or simulation-based decision aids) via standard communication protocols like OPC. Technical details can be found by visiting the solutions page.
  • Technology licensing
    Business-specific control/model libraries, targeted to industrial plants or manufactured components, for system engineering and operation, including control. Libraries are endowed with a set of ready-to-use creation & maintenance tools, growing with the customer needs.
  • Methodology transfer
    Together with the solution, we can enhance the customer's engineering autonomy by transferring our methodologies. To this purpose we can offer customized consultancy and training courses to give to the customer's engineering department the skill to develop solutions autonomously using our technologies.