Dynamica was established in 2012, having as founders a team of four engineers, with academic and industrial experience, who have been previously cooperating for more than 15 years on several industrial projects, bringing the results of their research to the field, with extremely satisfactory results.

Moreover, the Dynamica team has been involved with the development of the Modelica® language and tools and is actively involved in the Modelica Association and in the object-oriented modelling community at large.

Some founders of Dynamica have an extensive professional experience in the design and commissioning of industrial control systems, which helps us better understand the actual needs of our customers.

Our aim is to put together our experiences in modelling, simulation, control system design and commissioning, in order to bring the newest generation of process modelling, optimization and control technologies to be a value for our customers.

Our key driver is a new wave of engineering decision aids that integrate modelling, simulation and control technologies as a unique extended paradigm to achieve a new design model for the hi-tech industrial plant and for the equipment manufacturing industries.