The mission of Dynamica is to bring the newest generations of modelling, simulation, control and optimisation technologies to be value for customers.

  • Value from modelling and simulation

Dynamica offers scalable, flexible, modular multi-physics modelling and simulation solutions, making virtual prototyping and decision aid accessible for any product, plant, and business at large. This results is reduced design time, less physical prototypes, virtually no surprises about the behaviour of the designed objects, easier management and operation, and improved promptness in responding to changing market needs.

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  • Value from control

Dynamica offers control design and optimisation for any application domain, and can follow the implementation of the devised solutions on any architecture, from distributed control systems to PLCs, industrial PCs, microcontrollers and anything else, even on your custom hardware. Moreover, we can test control solutions on virtual prototypes of the controlled object, and assist your company in the setup and management of SIL, HIL, RCP and co-simulation.

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  • A unifying view

In the Dynamica vision, projects are unitary entities. Our modelling, simulation, control and optimisation technologies are fully integrated and interoperable, As a result, for example, when a high-level decision on the operation of a plant is taken, you can rest assured that even if the implementation of that decision depends on a number of subsequent detailed and technological ones, its effects will never be jeopardised. And if that high-level decision needs in the future to be changed, the process of implementing the new one will be equally safe and smooth.