Value proposition

Two are the key drivers of our value proposition:

  • a new wave of engineering tools and decision aids that integrate modelling, simulation and control for the optimised design and operation of any product and business,
  • and the capability of following the implementation of control solutions on any architecture, with the possibility, in some cases, to also supply an hardware-embedded solution for the advanced controls.

We are also strongly committed to a prompt and effective return on the customer's investment, and thus our offer is extremely scalable.

Our portfolio can be summarised as

  • Simulation studies to quickly answer your design/operation questions at the minimum cost;
  • Turnkey simulation solutions to get a ready-to-use solution, conduct studies at your premises, train your personnel for specific scenarios, and more;
  • Simulation model libraries for you to build your own simulators, tailored to your products and business;
  • Model-based control for the optimised operation of your products or plants;
  • Embedded solutions, to add "plug&play" advanced functionalities to the your control system;
  • Analysis & Consulting to help you leverage the investment based on the problem, and assist you throughout the realisation of its solution;
  • Training for the most effective solution delivery, and prospectively to foster your autonomy in the use of our technology.

Technical details can be found by visiting the Modelling and simulation technologies and the Control technologies pages.