Model-based control

We can solve any control problem, and verify the correctness of the proposed solution based on the convenient simulation models.

We can also use our modelling technology to fine-tune the control strategy, virtually subject the controlled system to any possible unforeseen and/or off-design condition, component variability, aging, or whatever you deem necessary to assess the behaviour of your product/plant along its life cycle.

We can assist the implementation phase in any possible way. We can provide control code specifications in any form your engineering may desire, and we can manage any architecture, from the embedded microcontroller up to the DCS of any brand. We do not manufacture or sell hardware, but if necessary we can manage the involved suppliers for you, and even assist you in founding the best suppliers for your project needs.

And finally, all of the above ends up in entries in our secure database, so that any possible future modification extension, revamping or whatever can be designed, tested and assessed at only the incremental cost.