Training is of course an important item in our portfolio, but there is more to it. In fact, the mission of Dynamica is naturally keen to induce in our customers a deeper insight into their process/product operation. And we believe this not to be a by-product, rather one of the most important enabling factors for the return on your investment also in the long run.

Also, as your interest in modelling, simulation and control progresses and deepens, you may be interested in gaining more autonomy in the use of such tools, which sooner or later will call for understanding and mastering the underlying methodologies. If this is the case, we can help.

As such, besides training services on a per-application basis, we offer both general-purpose and customer-specific courses on

  • modelling and simulation application development,
  • control strategy development,
  • simulation-based control strategy assessment,
  • simulation-based control code verification,
  • basic and advanced modelling and simulation methodologies,
  • basic and advanced control methodologies.

Plus, we can design and deliver training for any particular need within the scope of our competences, and not listed above.